Express Line

The purpose of the EXPRESS LINE is to offer the customer an alternative to our higher priced standard line, and to also allow a much faster turnaround. All Express Line holsters are made with a 1½” belt slot.

COLORS: Black or Cuban Brown for Belt Holsters. Natural with Cuban Brown or Black trim for IWB holsters. The Stylemaster is available in Black, Cuban Brown or Natural.

Express Line Belt

Express Line BeltExpress Line Belt

NOTE: Our straight cut belts are available in Black or Cuban Brown in 1 1/2″ width to match our holsters. Measure to the nearest inch.

Please follow the measuring instructions below before ordering.

Using a nonwoven belt, please measure from the hole you actually use to the free end of the pin. (Be certain to include the length of the pin.) Add 2” if this belt is to be used for an inside-the-waist or under-the-belt holster. If you need assistance with these directions, please call.


PRICE: $70. Please add $30.00 for measurements of 48″ and over.

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5JR Express

Our full-length belt slide offers all-day comfort and superior concealment for this type of holster. We are able to price the 5JR-EXP™ at a more popular level by leaving out our custom hand boning. The smooth-fitting look will give years of service, and many folks actually prefer the “smooth” look.


PRICE: $75

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5JR Express with Thumb Break

5JR-EXPOur 5JR with thumb break feature should appeal to those in law enforcement whose departments require a thumb break. It is also popular with people who just prefer a strap over the pistol. (The 5JR-TB should not be considered a security holster.)

When constructed for a 1911 pattern pistol, the thumb strap will only fit with the hammer in the cocked position.


PRICE: $85

Premier Express

PREM PremierPREM Premier
The PREMR-EXP has the offset construction of our PRES-EXP model. Instead of traditional belt slots, the PREMR-EXP has two wide straps that loop over the belt and lock up with sturdy snaps. A great feature for those who prefer not to thread the belt through holster slots to put on and take off the rig. Quick on, quick off, with excellent security. Available for most autos. This holster is not available for any revolvers.


PRICE: $90.00 US

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President Express

The PRESIDENT-EXPRESS is a holster similar to the 5JR, except the construction is offset. Rather than the seam being centered to the weapon, it is offset towards the wearer’s body. Many customers find this construction initially more comfortable than our standard construction 5JR. The President is quite popular. Available for most autos. This holster is not available for any revolvers.


PRICE: $75

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Upper Limit Express

Upper Limit ExpressUpper Limit Express
The UPPER LIMIT is a straight-drop belt holster with a high-ride feature. It is positioned to ride as high as possible, while keeping the butt of the weapon tucked against the body and the muzzle off the hip. Worn at the side or slightly forward of the hip, the Upper Limit is also suitable for cross-draw use. A very versatile, comfortable and fast holster.


PRICE: $75

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Sport Express

Sport ExpressSport Express
An Express version of our standard SPT model. An excellent general purpose holster. Stitched in sight rails, tunnel loop construction with a rear stabilizing slot.


PRICE: $95.00 US

Uncle Sal’s Decision Express

This IWB holster is exceptionally comfortable, concealable and quick. The belt loop has a hard action ring snap for ease of holster removal. Instead of our standard stitched-on sight rails, the USD-EXP™ offers our new “Jig Fit” sight channel. An excellent rig at an affordable price.


PRICE: $90

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After numerous requests, we now offer a clip on inside the waistband holster. As with all of our inside the waistband holsters, the holster mouth is reinforced with steel to prevent closing. The clip is of highest quality spring steel. This holster is designed to be used with a belt. Available for pistols ranging in size from the KAHR PM to the 1911 4-1/4″ bbl., XD, SIG 229, etc.


PRICE: $65.00 US

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American Rear Guard Express

American Rear Guard ExpressAmerican Rear Guard Express
The ARG-EXP™ is similar to the USD-EXP™ in construction, with the main difference being the off-set loop and slightly more muzzle rear rake. Offers the same performance as our world-famous standard ARG™.


PRICE: $90

El Raton Express

El Raton ExpressEl Raton Express
The Express version of our Pocket Softy. Secures and properly positions a small revolver or auto in the pocket. Will not come out with the draw.


PRICE: $50

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Stylemaster Express

Stylemaster ExpressStylemaster Express
Our Express STYLE™ differs from our standard STYLE by the omission of lining, brass connector, and hand boning. However, at one third the cost of our standard STYLEMASTER™, it is superior to any shoulder rig on the market. The entire rig is constructed of best-quality holster leather. No soft suede or other low-quality leather is used, which eliminates bunching and all manner of discomfort. Color: Black and Cuban Brown.

When constructed for a 1911 pattern pistol, the thumb strap will only fit with the hammer in the cocked position.


PRICE: $150

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Executive Special Express

Executive SpecialExecutive Special
The ESP-EXP is the Express Line version of our standard ESP shoulder rig. This express Line holster does not offer the extensive hand detailing of our Full Detailed items and is available in Cuban Brown or Black (center piece will always be black). For chest sizes below 48″.

When constructed for a 1911 pattern pistol, the thumb strap will only fit with the hammer in the cocked position.


PRICE: $145.00 US

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Single Mag w/Snap Express

Single Mag w/Snap ExpressSingle Mag w/Snap Express
Our MBS-EXP is the Express Line version of the standard MBS. Available in Cuban Brown or Black.


PRICE: $50

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5M Express

5M Single Magazine Carrier
Single magazine carrier. Carries close to the body and secure. Magazine rides in a vertical position, bullets pointing forward. Available in Cuban brown or black.

AVAILABLE: Most autos


PRICE: $40.00

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5DM Express

5DM Express5DM Express
An Express version of our standard 5DM. Our close riding double magazine carrier offering exceptional comfort and concealment, with excellent access to magazines for rapid re-loading. Available in Cuban Brown or Black.


PRICE: $50

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SOS Express

SOS ExpressSOS Express
This is an EXPRESS version of our well-known SOS. Carries one magazine and one flashlight. Available in Cuban Brown or Black.


PRICE: $55

Single Magazine Holder

Single Magazine HolderSingle Magazine Holder
As the DEUCE but crafted to hold one magazine. But you already figured that out!


PRICE: $40

Double Magazine Holder

Double Magazine HolderDouble Magazine Holder
A re-introduction of an old classic, manufactured better than ever. Holds two magazines vertically and features two tension screws. Attach to the belt with two hard action ring snaps or thread your belt through the 1 1/2″ slots. Available in three sizes.

Single Stack — 9 thru 45; Double Stack — 9/40; Double Stack — 45/10 MM

ORDER: Deuce™

PRICE: $50

Badge Holder Express

Badge Holder ExpressBadge Holder Express
Secures over the belt with a hard action ring snap. Comes with a brass ball chain so it may also be worn around the neck.


PRICE: $24

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Bikini Cuff Express

Bikini Cuff ExpressBikini Cuff Express
An exceptionally well-made “bikini” style cuff holder. Will fit most chain or hinged cuffs. Snaps over the belt with hard action ring snap. The strap over the cuffs also features a hard action ring snap.


PRICE: $50

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